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Jean E Davis


Although my office is based in the beautiful American Southwest, my brain and muscle extend far beyond international borders.  I can work collectively or singularly as freelance crew depending on your needs or, I can offer full production services - from initial inquiry through budgeting, crewing, scouting, shooting and beyond... to a bottom-line actual that will leave you with a smile on your face. 

What is it I do?  I’m a Producer; Line Producer; Production Manager; Location Scout/Manager.  (You can read about my history on the “About me” page--just click on any of the titles at the top to access that page).  Many clients have me combine my production abilities with location searches and management.  What options would you like?  You name it...I can insure you; set you up with the best crew; find the perfect location, and acquire any gadget you desire.  I can even deliver an entire camera package and grip/electric package within 24 hours to the Grand Canyon (should you get caught trying to slip your camera/equipment thru the Canadian/Buffalo NY border unsuccessfully) because you need it for a 2 week trip for NatGeo down the Colorado (yeah, I’ve done it!). 

I’ve been fortunate to produce some wonderful spots with some great directors.  If I can, I love to do the location searches for jobs while I’m handling the production.  

Although car shoots are one of my favorite types of jobs, I can offer you a lot more.  Check out my Location page.  There are quite a few location samples to tease your senses.  These are just some single frames from files of locations I’ve scouted and used.  I’m always adding pix.  

The best part of all of this is that it never feels like work, and I’ve been told I make it look easy.  The goal is to try to surround myself with like-minded professionals who love what they do and aren’t angry, moody, greed-driven or loud.  And I have many associates all over the world with whom I network constantly.  

Allow me to deliver you to your location successfully, painlessly and with panache.  I promise you’ll have a great time in the process!  Give me a call.                                    You can reach me at 602-373-3748.

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